Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Élan Physical Therapy and Wellness Center is that a person functions as an integrated whole. The body is viewed as one large kinetic chain. A dysfunction in one part of the chain can translate into multiple problems anywhere else along the chain. There is no problem in the body that occurs in isolation. Ultimately, optimal health requires coordination and balance of all aspects of a person including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

We are committed to finding the root of a problem and correcting it. To this end, a thorough biomechanical analysis is performed on each patient to determine the driving cause behind the patients’ complaint. We view each person as a whole not as a diagnosis. An individualized treatment plan to address bony and soft tissue restrictions and to retrain the neuromuscular system will be designed. Emphasis is placed on bringing the body to balance and facilitating normal muscle activation so that gains achieved can be long lasting. We strive to help our patients avoid surgery and return to prior levels of function. We strongly believe in empowering our patients to take control of their health and well being. Our patients are assisted with this by personalized education about their specific injury or problem, prescriptive therapeutic exercise, ergonomic advice and prevention techniques.

Our goal at Élan Physical Therapy and Wellness Center is to enable you to return to your previous level of pain free activity and help you return the enthusiasm, energy and grace to your function and daily life.